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People often ask about the safe use of X-rays (Radiographs) to assess spinal distortions. New assessments of the data indicate that X-rays taken today in Chiropractic and medical practices are not only extremely safe but amazingly enough, actually appear to have beneficial effects (hormesis). The data which was used to support the belief that X-rays caused cancer came from estimating the risks at lower doses of radiation, in the absence of data, by extrapolating in a linear model from large doses of radiation from atomic bombs dropped on Japan in the 1940s. This model is used for any known carcinogen for any exposure level, which assumes that any exposure, regardless of how small, can induce cancer. Here are three key points summarizing the safety of X-rays in Austin.


Radiography has been used in the chiropractic and medical professions for over 100 years. The use of radiography for structural data is an integral component of the practice of chiropractic. Previous guidelines advocating for restricting the use of radiography have been evaluated as unnecessary and inadvisable. The current levels of radiation used in diagnostic imaging do NOT increase death rates from cancer, the chief concern from the use of radiographic diagnostic imaging. In fact, the statistics actually demonstrate that whole-body exposure to LLIR (Low-Level Ionizing Radiation) reduces cancer mortality rates when compared with the control population in both animals and humans.

Radiographic imaging for scoliosis screening, diagnosis, treatment, and management is the gold standard assessment tool. Scoliosis patients may receive many repeat radiographs, over a period of years. Cancer incidence or mortality ratios from long-term studies of scoliosis patients are more likely to document the pathologic consequences from the scoliosis of the spine than from the negligible effects from low-dose radiation used today.

The current guidelines for diagnostic imaging during pregnancy and lactation are that with few exceptions, radiation exposure through radiography, computed tomography (CT) scan, or nuclear medicine imaging techniques is at a dose much lower than the exposure associated with fetal harm and should not be withheld from a pregnant patient. There is no harm whatsoever to a lactating mother.

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