How Far Will You Take Your Chiropractic Care?


There are two types of chiropractors and they practice quite differently. The choice of a chiropractor should be based on the philosophy of health and healing as well as personal goals.


Musculoskeletal Chiropractors mostly focus on relieving symptoms, most commonly neck pain, back pain, and headaches. The length of the care plan and frequency of adjustments is usually dictated by your symptoms and by what your insurance will pay. Insurance usually pays for symptom relief only. This kind of care plan satisfies insurance companies but usually does not correct the underlying structural problem which caused the pain. You may feel better temporarily, but if the spine stays structurally misaligned, it will continue to degenerate silently. This results in damage to the spinal joints. As these joints degenerate, the nerves exiting the spine are irritated, affecting the organs, glands, and cells supplied by those nerves. And the symptom returns, usually worse.

So what’s the harm in simply treating symptoms? This is the standard approach taken by many medical professionals and some chiropractors. The answer is simple, it does not address the cause and leaves your condition unresolved, likely to worsen. If you went to your dentist for a routine visit and she told you that you had a small cavity and her recommendations were periodic injections of local anesthetic for the inevitable episodes of pain you will experience, you would think that was absurd. You would want to correct the small problem before it became a big problem leading to major dental work. This applies to the spine as well.



Wellness chiropractors practice the philosophy of correcting subluxations so that the body is able to do what it does best: heal itself. Correcting subluxations allows the body to constantly rebuild, regenerate, and repair every cell, gland, and tissue in your body, as it was designed. Wellness chiropractors strive to relieve symptoms, but the primary focus is on removing nerve interference by aligning the spine with specific, controlled adjustments. When the nervous system is working at full potential, all things are possible. Incredible healing can take place. The time it takes to correct subluxations is determined by the severity of your subluxations and degeneration. And many of our patients choose ongoing, regular care beyond the absence of symptoms. It’s really common sense. A healthy body comes from eating healthy food, exercise, plenty of good water, and a properly functioning nervous system. Why would you stop doing those things when you achieve the level of health you want?

Research shows that people under regular chiropractic care have a better quality of life in almost every area.

I know this from personal experience. I doubt that I would be here today if it weren’t for the regular chiropractic care I have received over the past 36 years. If you couldn’t tell at first, you have probably now guessed that I am a wellness chiropractor. I must confess that I started out as a musculoskeletal chiropractor. But after several years in practice, several things became clear to me. One was that the people that stayed around for regular adjustments over time had far better health outcomes. The second thing I noticed was that when people received only symptom-based care, their spines degenerated at an accelerated rate. When that became obvious, I decided that I had to dedicate myself to advanced spinal correction, to really make a difference in the total health of each person I came in contact with. My commitment is to always make recommendations for your optimal health and deliver state of the art, loving chiropractic care exactly as I would to my mother, father, sister, brother, or child. Of course, YOU ultimately decide what you want for yourself. We are here to serve.

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