The One Thing in Austin TX

The One Thing in Austin TX

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Happy New Year! It’s a fresh new year in Austin TX and the possibilities are endless. And you can achieve your heart’s desires. Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, it is the perfect opportunity to think of what you would like to have or change in the coming year. In the past perhaps we might have bitten off more than we could chew. We start with the best of intentions on January 2nd, and then peter out by mid-January. So why is this? Does it mean we didn’t really want it? Maybe we didn’t have a good plan in place to achieve the desired outcome. Or maybe we do not feel that we deserve it. If this is the case, it might be time to do some emotional work to release those limiting beliefs. This is totally about your belief that you deserve abundance.

So maybe it would help to start with a new strategy this year. Maybe choose just The One Thing you want to do, be or have. What would give you the most joy or most enhance your life? Everyone gets to decide what that is. It might be in the area of health, relationship, emotional, travel or financial. Are you having enough fun and recreation? That might be The One Thing you want more of. Write down what you want. And then write all the benefits that accompany achieving that goal. How will it improve your life? How will it benefit your loved ones? Write down as much as you possibly can. What are the steps you will need to take to achieve The One Thing? And then, write down any obstacles you might encounter. It might be your own procrastination or resistance from friends or family. Now write down strategies to overcome these obstacles. Be realistic about set-backs and just get back on track as soon as possible. Don’t beat yourself up.

People who achieve their goals in Austin TX report they are successful because of the following:

  1. Goals are written down in specific, tangible, positive terms and they read them every day.
    Example: “I enjoy regular, invigorating exercise consistently in 2023 and I stick with it.”
  2. They recruit others to support and encourage them. This should be people you trust and feel safe with.
  3. They celebrate their successes on the journey toward the goal.
  4. They enjoy the journey, even though it might require hard work and discipline.
  5. They don’t give up, even if they get side-tracked from time to time.
  6. They practice the art of gratitude for life and everything they have.
  7. They believe they deserve it, whatever “it” is.

Happy New Year!

May Your New Year be happy, healthy and prosperous. You deserve it!

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