8 Summer Travel Tips To Stay Healthy

These 8 Things Can keep Your Vacation Travel Fun & Keep You Feeling Good

Chiropractic Austin TX 8 Summer Travel Tips To Stay Healthy
  1. Pre-Trip Adjustment: Just as important as the car tune up before all those miles, set time to come in for your chiropractic adjustment tune-up to be at your best for travel. When your nervous system is working optimally, you have energy to spare and who doesn’t want that on vacation? When you return, as you’re unpacking that suitcase, remember to make an appointment for a reset to get you back on track as soon as possible.
  2. Hydrate: This seems obvious, but when you’re out and busy, it’s easy get distracted and forget to drink enough water. Being in the heat, cold, sweating, walking, skiing, boating, hiking, and drinking a few of those special vacation cocktails will dehydrate you. Planes can be the worst at causing dehydration! Even inside, air conditioning can dehydrate you. Carrying your own bottle is a great way to remember to drink more water and it is easy to refill along the way. Collapsible bottles are convenient and stow away nicely. At the airport, fill the bottle after you clear security and on the road, refill at all the stops. When you are as little as 5% dehydrated, it makes you sluggish and slows your brain function and metabolism. Pay attention to your urine, that’s the best indicator of hydration (pale-yellow/clear is ideal). Side note: A water bottle (1/2 empty) can double as a cervical pillow to ease the neck stress caused by airplane seats that shove your head forward.
  3. Movement Breaks: Sitting for long periods can be brutal for your spine and body. If you are on a road trip, stop every hour and a half and walk briskly for 3-5 minutes. On a plane, stand up whenever you get an opportunity. If you drink a lot of water, you’ll probably need to! (Aisle seat benefits.) When you are sitting, you can still move by doing ABCs with your feet and ankles, every 30 minutes, to keep the blood from pooling in your feet.
  4. The Right Support For Cars & Planes: Those of you who are patients here know the benefits of the cylindrical cervical pillow (3” diameter) to make the plane seat more comfort. In a pinch, you can roll up a towel or jacket and place it behind your neck. The Revitalizer back support is a lifesaver for hardcore travelers. You can sit on it, or with it behind your low back, and aaahhhh! We have these available in our office, we can give you a demo! It’s inflatable and adjustable, so it’s light and easy to stow in your carry-on bag.
  5. Pack Snacks: There really is no way to predict what may happen on any trip and you find yourself left with little to no food options. Most of us don’t function well when hungry so, whether it’s road trips, day trips, or flights, when you’ll be out all day, pack healthy snacks. Nuts, seeds, fruit, or power bars are the easiest for travel. It’s comforting to know you are prepared when you have been on a long hike, a long plane ride, stuck at the airport, or just hungry and there is nowhere to go for a bite.
  6. Food For Fuel: Vacation is often filled with lots of interesting and delicious restaurant foods. Be kind to your body and balance your meals with raw veggies, fruits, and other fresh foods. So, check out local markets or grocery stores and stock up your room for convenience. Most hotel rooms include a refrigerator to keep food fresh. My favorites are carrots, broccoli, kiwi, apples, lemons, cucumbers, and avocados. Ask locals for their recommendations of the healthiest options on the menu or local spots to try. They know what they’re talking about!
  7. Be Active: This one is probably the easiest to incorporate, many vacations include sightseeing, hiking, walking, biking, swimming, or shopping – all of which will keep you moving. An added bonus is if your hotel or resort has a pool or gym so you can get in a quick workout.
  8. Be Flexible: Remember, it’s a vacation! It’s a time to enjoy everything that’s going on with the activities and people around you – enjoy the food, the sightseeing, the culture, and the relaxation! And welcome the unexpected adventures!

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