Let’s Get Your Power Back On

Let's Get Your Power Back On

Chiropractic Austin TX Is Your Power On

One of my patients shared with me that she and her whole family were tired because of a big thunderstorm the night before. The booms of thunder woke them all up and the kids climbed into bed with mom and dad. No one slept well. Mom was sore, tight, and Subluxated (Misaligned) in areas that had been doing well. This is typical as subluxations tend to re-occur in areas that have been injured previously. Those areas are weaker and more susceptible to misalignment when under physical, mental, or toxic stress.

At breakfast, this mother explained to her kids that they were probably going to be tired later in the day because they hadn’t slept enough. I was really impressed with how she communicated to her kids what was going on with them. This is fantastic parenting. She is helping her children understand what is going on in their little bodies. They don’t always understand what is happening when they have a meltdown, also known as “Cranky Pants”. She was also preparing them for the idea of having a nap in the afternoon.

The same phenomenon applies to adults. When we are sleep deprived, we are certainly not at our best. And sometimes we might not be conscious of why we are sluggish, tired, sore, or just having an episode of “Cranky Pants”.

So, whether you are dealing with a child or your own inner child, it makes sense to check in, pay attention and give yourself what you need. This is exactly what I do with myself and all our patients. As an Austin TX chiropractor, I ask the following questions.

  • Are you getting enough sleep? Most adults need 7-8 hours/night. Children need 9+ hours.
  • Are you exercising? Ideally, it’s best to move every day, even if it’s just several 10-minute walks.
  • Are you eating plenty of plant-based foods? Whole foods energize our bodies. Processed and animal products and foods rob us of energy.
  • Are you drinking enough water? Even slight dehydration makes us sluggish and slows our metabolism.
  • Are you getting outside in nature every day? We crave connection with the outdoor world. Long hours inside, especially at the computer, are exhausting and deplete our energy reserves.
  • Are you connecting with others? The number of meaningful connections we have predict happiness and wellness.
  • Are you having fun? We all need to play. We are just wired that way. You get to choose whatever brings you joy. It can be music, art, tennis, ping pong, dancing, bike riding, twister, or whatever you like.
  • Last but not least, when were you last adjusted? When we are subluxated (misaligned), there is reduced flow and power of the signals from the brain into the body. This results in a loss of vital energy, making us sluggish. That’s why after an adjustment I always say “Your Power is ON”!

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