What Makes Our Office Unique

Most of the new people who come into our practice comment that our care and practice are a lot different from the chiropractic care they have received in the past. Hopefully, this is a compliment!  From talking to many patients and colleagues over the years, I realize that it is true. Our entire focus, philosophy, and the type of adjustments we use are targeted at one very specific goal.  And what I am going to say now might seem uncaring and wrong. Because my goal is not to get you out of pain. Of course, no one, including me wants to have pain nor do I want to see someone in pain. My goal is to restore optimum function to your nervous system. And I know for sure that when the dysfunctional segments of the spine are adjusted and corrected to proper alignment and function, your body will do its very best to heal. This is the way your body works.  It is designed to constantly repair and restore you to the best health it possibly can.   What this means is that pain is not the enemy.  It is our friend.  It tells us that something is wrong and that help is needed. It’s your body doing the best it can to sound the alarm so that you don’t just power through, ignoring the problem, potentially leading to more damage.


I am one of those annoying why people. Why did this happen? What is the mechanism?  And then How do we actually correct the problem?  My focus is on the integrity of your nervous system.  It is an amazingly complex system that is constantly on the job running every single gland, organ, and cell so that you stay healthy.


When you come into the office for the first time, you will spend a good amount of time telling me about you and your health.  I really want to know the details of your history.  I want to know what you think might be going on and what you think has caused the problem. I will probably have about one hundred questions for you.  Then, we perform a very thorough examination with an emphasis on alignment, posture, and function.  You will know that you have had a comprehensive exam.  Most likely I will want to take x-rays.  To see is to know, not to see is to guess.  I don’t guess.  We take our own digital, in-house x-rays.  We have state of the art digital, aligned, hi-frequency x-ray which minimizes the radiation you receive.  I was a Radiologic Technologist in my previous life and I am extremely picky about everything related to x-ray.


The relationship we have is everything.  I love to have tremendous clinical success with my patients.  I want to see you get better.  I want you to have an amazing improvement and exceed all your expectations.  If I do not think I can help you or that you and I are not a good match, I will happily refer you to the right person or place for you.  For me, it boils down to two main concerns:  your health and my reputation.  If the first is improved beyond all expectations, the second will take care of itself.

If you have wondered if chiropractic care could help you, it makes sense to get more information so you can make an educated decision.  The first step is to schedule a thorough consultation and exam.  You will never know if you can be helped by chiropractic care unless you check it out.

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