Listening to Your Heart

The more you move toward what makes you feel good and move away from those things that bring you distress and pain, the healthier and happier you will be. I’m talking about listening to your heart. The western world tends toward living in your head. In my last blog I talked about being in the moment, also called mindfulness. This is how we connect to our heart’s desires. We all have a purpose in this world and moving towards what brings us joy is an important way we love ourselves. When we don’t listen to the internal compass which directs us toward our higher good, we set ourselves up for distress, unhappiness and even illness. Well-intentioned people may try to direct us toward doing something they think we “should” do. But everyone has to know themselves and pick their path. Never allow yourself (usually your critical brain) or anyone else to “should” you into doing something that does not feel right for you.


This Innate Intelligence we all have is always on the job, healing and directing us toward our right path in the world. It is at work behind the scenes doing the business of repairing, regulating and healing every single cell in the body. It never rests. It always sends you signals for the directions and choices you need to make to live your best life. This Innate Intelligence is the most powerful force at work in you. We simply have to learn to listen and we usually have to get quiet to hear the messages.

The Body-Mind connection is a constant two-way communication system. It happens through the brain and spinal cord. What happens in your body simultaneously effects your brain and vice versa. When we have an emotion or thought, our body reacts either positively or negatively. This is how we connect with our Innate Intelligence. If someone asks you do to something and you find your mouth saying “yes” and you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, STOP, something is wrong. This is probably not something you should agree to. So, if you find yourself doing this regularly, you might have the “disease to please”. But take heart, there is a cure. Develop the habit of responding with “I’ll get back to you on that” before you agree to do something. This is one of the best ways I can think of to honor yourself. And when you say “No” to others, think of it as saying “Yes” to yourself.

Chiropractic adjustments encourage a healthy Mind-Body connection. It removes interference to the nervous system which disrupts the flow of the messaging system to every single cell. It allows you to listen to the signals coming from within.

So start today: make a special effort to really pay attention to your heart’s desires and see how much better your life flows for you. Also, make sure that your nervous system is free from subluxations that interfere with your connections by seeing your chiropractor regularly.

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