Healthy Summer Eating

Good nutrition is not complicated.  Modern life has just messed it up.  Simply stated:  eat real foods, as close as possible to how they come from nature.  Hippocrates figured this out 2,500 years ago.  Now they didn’t have processed foods then, but they had some big health challenges.  Hippocrates was noted for his amazing wisdom in the areas of health and healing.   My favorite two quotes from him are 1. “ Look well to the spine for the cause of disease” and   2. “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.”   This ancient Greek medicine man was the first to figure out that disease was created by misaligned spines (subluxation), environmental factors, diet, and living habits.  He was also the first to understand that diseases are common and natural occurrences and not due to some external forces like superstition or gods.  By the way, Hippocrates lived to be 90 to 100 years old!   At that time (400 BC) the average life expectancy was 30 years.  He obviously knew what he was talking about.  And these ancient truths hold true today.

There are really 4 essentials for life:

  1. Proper nerve flow from the brain to the body

  2. Oxygen, enhanced by exercise

  3. Plenty of clean water

  4. Nutritious food

We talk a lot about the importance of a healthy spine, and it is vital for your life-long health.  But, your spine can be in great alignment, and if you eat a lot of processed, dead, food, you are not likely to stay healthy.

Summer is coming fast so let’s take a look at ways to eat light and healthy.  I have to confess I don’t often feel like cooking in the summer, so salads and vegetables are a great way to go.  And we all want to eat healthier, so now is a great time to do so.  Vegetables and fruits are fantastic this time of year.  And they are the best when fresh.  This is a great time to check out some of our local farmer’s markets so that you can eat local, healthier produce (see the links below).

I’m also sharing one of my favorite go-to recipes.  It’s my Egg Bake Egg-Stravaganza.  Although it does involve cooking, it makes enough for multiple meals so I don’t have to cook again for days.  I just add a green salad and voilà.  Either everyone loves it or they don’t want to hurt my feelings.  It’s great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It’s loaded with healthy vegetables, ant-oxidant rich herbs, and good quality protein.  Let me know what you think or how you made it better!

For more for information about Austin’s local farmer’s markets, visit the links below:

Sustainable Food Center: Saturday Farmer’s Markets – Downtown and Sunset Valley

Texas Farmers Markets: Sunday & Wednesday at Mueller; Saturday at Lakeline

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