The Healing Power of Innate Intelligence


Everyone has heard the word “Innate”, but you might not have given much thought to what it means when applied to your health. Innate Intelligence by definition means inborn wisdom. And we are not talking about IQ or conscious intellect. Innate intelligence has been on the job since the instant that egg and sperm united to become you. This spark of life originally had no brain or thoughts, and yet it set about the task of creating and multiplying cells until it created a functioning, thinking baby. Then, in concert with your mother’s Innate Intelligence, you were born. This is still the most amazing and mystifying process in the entirety of the human experience. And your Innate Intelligence did not stop there… it continues throughout your whole life running and regulating every single aspect of your health until you pass from this earth. What’s better- you don’t even have to think about it, it just does it.


Its sole purpose is to keep you alive and healthy. It mounts a defense when you come in contact with invaders, it beats your heart at the perfect rate for you at any given time, and it heals your wounds. It makes no mistakes. It is your single best protector and defender. And it knows exactly what to do in every situation. When it creates fever, it does it with the precise purpose to kill the specific invaders, while simultaneously creating interferon for your protection. And yet, so often we forget that this life force within is already in action. Innate is always on the job!

Your body knows how to heal and does a fine job of it for the most part. How many times have you cut yourself and did nothing about it and yet the wound still healed? Sometimes you should have had stitches and you still healed. But healing takes time. We live in a world that demands instant gratification, and that is not how healing works. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a time and place for medical care, there certainly is, especially emergency care. If you are bleeding profusely, have a broken bone, or if something much more serious is happening – go to the ER and get help!

But most of the time, Innate can handle it. Why not give it a chance? In reality, it’s the only thing that actually heals you. You are your own doctor. You always have been. Take comfort in that. Trust it. Your Innate Intelligence knows better than any educated brain what you need to be healthy. You can count on it.

While there is no test to see if your innate intelligence is working optimally, there are factors to be aware of that may inhibit your body from working at its best that you should have checked. Toxins from the environment and not living a healthy lifestyle damage our cells. Subluxations (misalignment of the vertebrae) interfere with your body’s ability to send and receive messages from the brain to each cell and back through the nervous system, as well as interfering with the ability of your innate intelligence to work at optimal. Call us today at (512)346-3536 to schedule your spinal checkup to make sure your spine is optimal.

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