Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy – The Webster Technique


When a woman becomes pregnant, her body does a spectacular job of providing just what the baby needs, at the right time.  Mothers to be and their babies are in sync.  This Innate Intelligence is part of the wonder of birth.  Babies usually follow a natural progression to settle into the final birth position, which is head down.  Most babies are usually in the head-down position by 34 weeks gestation.  But sometimes, babies do not go head down or don’t stay there.  There are a number of reasons for this.  The most common is that there is torque and stress on the uterus due to subluxations (misalignments) of the pelvis.  As the pregnancy progresses, the hormone relaxin increases, causing ligaments to soften and stretch.  This helps the mother’s pelvis spread to accommodate the birth of the baby.  However, relaxin also allows the mother’s pelvis to subluxate quite easily.

Think of the uterus as a balloon. Imagine pulling on two sides of a balloon. The balloon shortens and becomes rigid in response to the pulling forces. The same thing occurs with the uterus, essentially trapping the baby in whatever position it was in at the time of subluxation. Until the pull on the uterus can be removed, the constraint will remain and the baby may not be able to move into the vertex position. Moms experiencing this intra-uterine constraint will often report a decrease in the baby’s movement, or a development of jerky, tense movements, indicating that the baby’s ability to move is restricted.





The great news is that the Webster Chiropractic Technique is highly successful in balancing the pelvis so that the baby can move as it needs to.  It has developed quite a reputation for its safety and effectiveness.  The Webster technique is a logical first choice for mothers and birth practitioners to allow normal function throughout pregnancy.   Unfortunately, many women wait until the seventh or eighth month when mal-position has been diagnosed by the birth provider to seek out a chiropractor trained in this adjustment. Starting this care at the “eleventh hour” is not the best approach. Chiropractic works to facilitate normal neuro-biomechanical function, and this is very advantageous throughout pregnancy.

Regular adjustments throughout pregnancy and right up until birth may help create a safer and easier birth for the mother and baby. Should a woman not hear of the Webster Technique until later in pregnancy, it is still prudent for her to seek out this natural approach to restore pelvic biomechanics and potentially optimize natural function. Without undue tension to her uterus, the baby has more room for movement and proper in-utero development. Free of pelvic and sacral subluxations, the nerve system function may be significantly enhanced and the birth canal’s diameter may be maximized, thus decreasing the chances for difficult labor and additional complications during delivery. Due to the gentle nature of the Webster Technique, it is a safe adjustment throughout pregnancy.

The Webster Technique begins the process of realigning the sacrum, which may relieve the pull that creates tension in the uterus. This adjustment involves no external forces on the baby directly, and it is very comfortable and extremely safe.   It is important to recognize that Doctors of Chiropractic do not turn breech babies.  The adjustment simply facilitates a state of pelvic balance, decreasing torsion to the uterus, allowing more room for the baby to move as needed to get into the best possible position.


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